Black Shark 5 is set to debut with Snapdragon 8 |

Black Shark 5 is set to debut with Snapdragon 8 | January 29, 2022, Luo Yuzhou, CEO of Black Shark Technology, launched a brief video on Weibo, which reviewed the event of Black Shark. Luo Yuzhou found that Black Shark is the pioneer of gaming cellphones. Black Shark has greater than 2 million loyal customers worldwide.

Black Shark 5 is set to debut with Snapdragon 8 |

The market share of gaming cellphones has been the primary, and cellular sports peripherals are much more dominant. Luo Yuzhou emphasized that Black Shark and gamers will work collectively to construct a brand new sports ecosystem belonging to Black Shark.

In the long run, Black Shark will make each effort to develop right into a world-class model most beloved by younger individuals, permitting gamers worldwide to benefit from the final enjoyment of the sport. It is reported that Black Shark is about to launch a brand new era of gaming telephones, Black Shark 5.

Features of Black Shark 5:

This chip is constructed with Samsung’s 4nm course and consists of a super-large core + a great core + a small core. The super-large heart is Cortex X2, the CPU frequency reaches 3.0GHz, and the entire rating of AnTuTu has exceeded 1 million factors. Powerful flagship processor.

Black Shark 5

It is reported that Black Shark launched a customized NVME solid-state drive SSD on the Black Shark 4S Pro and took the lead in introducing a disk array answer within the trade, bringing the PC-side SSD to the cell phone. The storage and studying efficiency has been enormously improved. Storage pace ushered in a revolutionary enhancement.

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