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NineBot is the first intelligent short-distance equipment operator to integrate R&D, manufacturing, sales and services in China. Naranbo is always committed to using smart people to commute and even change their lifestyle.
In October 2014, Xiaomi, Sequoia and Shinui Capital jointly invested more than মিল 80 million and became new members of Shaomi’s ecological chain. The 2015 Ninebot M&A Segway brand culture facilitates the movement of people and things and makes life easier!
Brand Vision Innovative short-distance traffic and robotic products let more than 1 billion people around the world become the world’s greatest and most respected Fortune 500 technology company.

    • Feature 1: Maximum Speed: 18.6 mph
    • Feature 2: Suitable for adults and teenagers for fun
    • Feature 3: 10 inch rubber inflatable wheels
    • Feature 4: Li-ion battery for max 40km mileage
    • Feature 5: Water-proof: IPX7
    • Feature 6: Motor: 350 W
    • Feature 7: Recharge Time: 6.5 h

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