iMortor C1 Foldable Off-road Electric Scooter Best offer $749.99

The iMortor C1 Foldable Off-Road Electric Scooter has two overlap stopping devices, battery stubbornness, excessive illumination softening, and twilight, this electric bike will help you see your prosperity in the middle of your journey.

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Introduction of iMortor C1

The falling agency of its entry makes it adaptable and convenient, beyond the territory. Foldable and lightweight, with its aluminum defined, it weighs 11kg which inspires the owner-motel with a one-of-a-kind gift. It similarly offers help for easy stopping.

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Design of iMortor C1

The iMortor C1 Foldable Off-Road Electric Scooter offers an unparalleled mix of eye-catching assemblies, diploma speeds, unimaginable testing for self-organization and weight buyers sponsorship, and a supply beyond the prestigious death penalty to make it available in a variety of affordable ways.

iMortor C1 review

As confirmed by the actual highway floor situation, you manage speed with a key that makes driving reliably and uses dynamic initial protection. It is a simple operation with one key for speed control, for braking. Additionally, a display so you can check the management data.

Construction of iMortor C1

The iMortor C1 electric scooter is available in a foldable design that looks ergonomic in a lightweight method. Aluminum alloy material ensures physical strength and provides stardom to automobiles.

Users can choose white and red color choices, highly aggressive with each gradient and glossy finish. The Importer C1 scooter embraces an LED light in the handlebars and a purple light again. Further, for string foot grip it prefers pneumatic wheels, a disc brake system, and anti-slip mats.

iMortor C1 price

The motor of iMortor C1

Further, theiMortor C1 foldable scooter installs a 12-inch permanent magnetic 350W DC brushless motor to generate a maximum speed of 30 km / h. This drives the scooter in a precisely reduced sound.

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The battery of iMortor C1

Similarly, the scooter is equipped with a 9.6Ah battery to push the automobile for 40 km.

The wheel

The Immortal iMortor C1 electric scooter measures two pneumatic wheels with a 16-inch entry wheel and a 12-inch rear wheel.

iMortor C1 backlight

Braking system

ABS + has a dual-braking system between disc brakes and electronic brake types. Both are extremely effective at catching the same level scooter.

Security lights

The iMortor C1 scooter has an LED light on the handlebars and a purple mild on the tail. This allows customers to drive safely with foldable scooters regularly.

iMortor C1 light

Features of iMortor C1

It comes with 16-inch vacuum tires with solid maintenance, anti-wear, and safety. This is a wise thing to do for a variety of roads. It also has two motors on the front wheel, on the back wheel: strong core catalyst, 350 W, and a few motors, 30 km working isolation.

Further, at most, it has a circle brake front, and again it is a circle brake, it is sufficient and accurate to gain future experience. 3 Speed ​​Running Modes You manage speed according to the conditions of the smooth highway floor, which makes driving reasonably beautiful and uses significant extra protection.

It is equipped with a board of directors and keeps the automobile standing. In the off state, press the shortcut to activate the automobile.

Full Specification

General Brand:  iMortor
Type: Electric Scooter
Model: C1
Specification Maximum Speed: 30km/h
Major Materials: Plastic + Aluminium Alloy
Brake: Electric Brake+Disc Brake
Battery Capacity and Range: 9.6Ah  40km
Tire Size: 16 inches (front wheel) 12 inch (rear wheel)
Speed mode: 3 modes
Motor Power(Back tires) 36V/350W brushless
Horn: Buzzer Horn
Lamp: High Brightness Led Headlamp
Safe Climbing Angle: About 25°
Temperature: -10°C~40°C
Max Load: 130kg
Unfolding Size: 1250mm*550mm*1100-1400mm
Weight & Size Product Weight: 20.5kg
Weight: 25.0kg
Package Size(L x W x H): 132 x 24 x 67 cm
Package Contents Electric Scooter
1 x Toolset
Adaptor (EU)
1 x User Manual

Additional features

Also, the iMortor C1 foldable electric scooter adopts three pace modes, max: 130 kg load capacity, a buzzer horn, and non-slip pedals, and more.


The iMortor C1 foldable off-road electric scooter is an enjoyable and safe way to monitor for observation. It uses a large stage of the built-in options to build directly and reveals 45km development at a single cost.

Use this Promo code GKB575S to get $10 off (from Dec 15, 2020, till Jan 31, 2021)

at Geekbuying (iMortor C1)

Where can I buy?

You can buy iMortor C1 from online stores like GeekbuyingAliexpress, Alibaba, and Gearbest.


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