Douxlife Racing GC-RC02

Douxlife Racing GC-RC02
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Brand: Others
Category: Home Appliances
  • Feature 1: 150°Max Reclining
  • Feature 2: Adjustable Seat Height
  • Feature 3: 360°Swivel
  • Feature 4: 40cm Added Seat Cushion
  • Feature 5: Retractable Thickened Footrest
  • Feature 6: PU Casters,Pass SGS
  • Feature 7: 32cm 5-Point Electroplating Legs

Douxlife Racing GC-RC02 - Price Comparison

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  • Design 10 / 10
  • Features 9 / 10
  • Performance 10 / 10
  • Usability 9 / 10


The new Douxlife Racing GC-RC02 is an economically designed gamer chair that additionally has a fold-out footrest.

Douxlife Racing GC-RC02

Design of Douxlife Racing GC-RC02

Douxlife Racing GC-RC02 was arranged with a head pillow, and a cushion supporting the waist was additionally located in the chair. Of course, its peak can be adjusted or tilted.

You could be the brand new owner of a high-quality gamer chair of great quality. It is currently delivered to you from a European warehouse of lightning speed, duty-free.

Douxlife Racing GC-RC02 design

Basically, its structural construction is similar to the same old swivel chairs. Still, the subjects’ condition is quite different from a design point of view, as it is a relatively decorative part.

Feature of Douxlife Racing GC-RC02

Available in Black-Red, Black-Black, in three spectacular colors. According to the manufacturer, it can be loaded at most 150 kg.

The GC-RC02 Gaming chair’s maximum carrying capacity ensures maximum stability and stability of the hard metal improvement chair.

Douxlife Racing GC-RC02 feature

This makes  Racing GC-RC02 an incredible workspace that gives you the comfort of spending extra time on a laptop computer.

Pros and Cons of Douxlife Racing GC-RC02

  • 150°Max Reclining
  • Adjustable Seat Height
  • Thick Padded Back
  • 40cm Added Seat Cushion
  • Retractable Thickened Footrest
  • Removable Headrest
  • Lumbar Position not perfect


 GC-RC02 Gaming chair has a glossy design and a nicely adjustable prime, and a backrest presents a higher relaxation.

Where can I buy the Douxlife Racing GC-RC02?

You can buy Racing GC-RC02from online stores like Banggood, Aliexpress.


Douxlife Racing GC-RC02 - Full Specifications

Product Details

General Item Name: Douxlife Racing GC-RC02
Brand: Douxlife
Model: GC-RC02
Type: Gaming Chair
Status: Available
Features 150°Max Reclining
Adjustable Seat Height + 360°Swivel
Thick Padded Back
40cm Added Seat Cushion
Retractable Thickened Footrest
Removable Headrest
Lumbar Pillows
Thick Explosion-proof Baseplate
120mm Gas Lift Cover
Specifications Model: GC-RC02
Material: High-Quality Leather/Stereotype Cotton
Reclining: Max 150°
Height Adjustment:11cm
Pillows: Removable Headrest & Lumbar Pillows
Maximum Load:330lbs
Extreme comfort for every demand
Comfortable stereotype cotton
32cm 5-Point Electroplating Legs
PU Casters,Pass SGS and BIFMA 5.1 Test
Package Contents 1x Gaming Chair

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