SYL-08 V3

SYL-08 V3
Brand: Others
Category: Outdoors
  • Feature 1: Range: 20-30km
  • Feature 2: Power: 36V/2A
  • Feature 3: Speed: 38km/h
  • Feature 4: Battery: 10AH
  • Feature 5: Max Load: 130KG
  • Feature 6: Charging Time: 3h
  • Feature 7: Dynamic Parameters: 1450W

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  • Design 10 / 10
  • Features 9 / 10
  • Performance 10 / 10
  • Usability 9 / 10

You can probably see that this skate has a spectacular design, the place SYL-08 V3 Electric Skateboard stands above 8? Off-road wheels mean that you can flow on any surface, no matter how irregular.

SYL-08 V3

Design of SYL-08 V3

Attached are two doors and a rear suspension that keeps it at the best comfort level as an off-road scooter. Your board is made of top-quality materials and can support 130 kg load the most.

SYL-08 V3 design

A unique but efficient way to move back and forth! If you fall in love with this incredible machine, at first sight, its benefits are now reaping 21% lower as a result. Buy the Electric Skateboard now with free delivery from Europe at GeekBauy. It didn’t take long for you to get there!

SYL-08 V3 design2

Feature of SYL-08 V3

The SYL-08 V3 electronic skateboard has a highly efficient 1450W motor which means you can achieve 40 km / h, and you will be able to manage it using Bluetooth remote management.

SYL-08 V3 feature2

Besides, it integrates a long-lasting battery that gives you a variety of offers up to 30 kilometers. The total dimensions of the skateboard are 1080x430x230 mm, and it weighs a total of 13.5 kg.

SYL-08 V3 feature

The SYL-08V3  skateboard can reach speeds of up to 40km / h and a maximum of 30km / h, which you will be able to buy from Gigabyte for k 509.99 delivered from Europe.

Pros and Cons of SYL-08 V3

  • PU high elastic wheel
  • 20-30km Range
  • Dynamic Parameters 1450W
  • wireless bluetooth remote control
  •  30D Climbing Degree
  • Charging Time not so good


While this may seem a bit expensive, the reality is that you’ve got a premium option that can make you like all your travels. 21% lower price!

Where to buy SYL-08V3?

You can buy SYL-08V3 from online shops like Bangggood, Geekbuying, Aliexpress.

SYL-08 V3 - Full Specifications

Product Details For This

General Item Name: SYL-08V3
Model: SYL-08
Brand: SYL
Status: Available
Features Control: wireless Bluetooth remote control
Charging Time: 3h
Wheel size: 200mm*50mm
Wheel Material: PU high elastic wheel
Plank Material: Maple
Specifications Range: 20-30km
Speed: 38km/h
Power: 36V/2A
Dynamic Parameters: 1450W
Instantaneous Power: 1800W
Climbing Degree: 30D
Battery: 10AH
Max Load: 130KG
Dimensions & Weight Product Weight: 13.5kg
Package Weight: 15.5kg
Product Dimensions: 1080*430*230mm
Package Dimensions: 1220*480*280mm
Package Contents 1 x Electric Skateboard
1 x Charger
1 x User Manual
1 x Remote Controller
1 x USB Cable

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