Urikar AT1

Urikar AT1
Brand: Others
Category: Gadgets
  • Feature 1: AI-powered Auto Mode
  • Feature 2: Massage Head Recognition
  • Feature 3: Adaptive Massage Speed
  • Feature 4: Deep Tissue Massage
  • Feature 5: Quiet & Relaxing
  • Feature 6: 200-3600RPM Rotating Speed
  • Feature 7: 39dB-60dB Noise

Urikar AT1 - Price Comparison

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  • Design 10 / 10
  • Features 9 / 10
  • Performance 10 / 10
  • Usability 9 / 10

Here now we get an incredible percussion massager from the Urikar AT1 model. If you’re looking for a great percussion massager to end the boring, I’d say you’ve discovered the machine you’re looking for. Don’t go anywhere else. check also Urikar Pro 3

Urikar AT1 features


You’re a little nervous about the massage, right? Because you know nothing about it. It doesn’t come to any consideration. Here I am going to make you realize some of the essential options of Urikar AT1 1 percussion massager. Just learn the article properly and you will know every little thing that is worth knowing while purchasing a massage

Design of Urikar AT1

Let’s take a look at the spaces of Eureka’s percussion massage. It has a 30-65W motor to make the fast massage extra attractive for the customers. The rotational speed of the Urikar AT1 percussion massager is 1200-3600RPM and it has a width of 16 mm.

Urikar AT1 working

You will enjoy using eight built-in pace ranges to control your body and massager. Urikar massager improves the chances of pores and skin which is incredible. It has a 60lbs stall strength of 1 and has 6 treatment massage heads.

Features of Urikar AT1

I actually like Urikar massager like a completely different therapeutic percussion massager so, these are some of the essential issues that are important to know in the case of Persian massage.

Urikar AT1 work

Eureka This 1 percussion massager does not make a lot of noise at a speed of 39-60 dB. So, you have somehow felt uncomfortable using the massager. Eureka has a mode like steady mode or good mode so you may have a completely different model to use.

Pros and Cons of Urikar AT1

  • AI-powered Auto Mode
  • Massage Head Recognition
  • Adaptive Massage Speed
  • Deep Tissue Massage
  • Quiet & Relaxing
  • Using not so easy


Honestly, it wouldn’t be a tool to skip 1. Most importantly Eureka can provide repeated service for 10 hours without any breaks. On the contrary, it takes a full three hours to fully charge. So, just make your resolution to buy a Urikar AT1 percussion massager.

Where to buy Urikar AT1 percussion massager?

You can buy Urikar AT1 from the Official website for just $269.99

How do I use my Urikar AT1?

Turn on the power switch and hold the handle, and the massage gun will turn on.

Urikar AT1 - Full Specifications

Product Details For This Gadget

General Item Name: Urikar AT1
Brand: Urikar
Model: AT1
Status: Available
Features AI-powered Auto Mode
Massage Head Recognition
Adaptive Massage Speed
Deep Tissue Massage
Quiet & Relaxing
Specifications Motor Power: 30-65W
Rotating Speed: 1200-3600RPM
Amplitude: 16mm
Speed Level: 8 built-in speed levels
Stall Force: Up to 60lbs
Noise: 39dB-60dB
Mode: Constant-speed mode/Smart mode
Massage heads: 6 massage heads
Working Time: Up to 10 hours
Charging Time: 3 hours
Dimensions & Weight Weight :266*240*88mm (10.4*9.4*3.4 inches)
size: 1.1kg (38.8 ounce)

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