Urtopia Carbon E-bike Review Amazing! Full Carbon Only 14kg

Urtopia Carbon E-bike Review: The company claims 8 hours of battery life, a top speed of 20 mph, and a range of 35 miles — all while weighing just 47 pounds. The Urtopia uses a claimed 18-inch rear wheel and a 20-inch front wheel, with a claimed 500 watt maximum output and a claimed 4.0AH lithium battery.

Urtopia Carbon E-Bike, available in 2 models (US and EU, differing in speed limits and eSIM modules). Each model comes in 3 color patterns (Classic, Rainbow, Silver Gray) and two sizes (Medium and Large for rider height 165-200cm) with max load-bearing of 110kg (bike excluded).

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The Urtopia Carbon E-bike Price


Urtopia stands for New Urban Utopia. As a new brand, we hope our products can encourage riders to return to the outdoors and get rid of fatigue from sedentary urban routines in a post-pandemic era. Urtopia helps customers to enjoy a healthy life with friends and family, and Find their own New Urban Utopia. We hope one day, they will proudly say, “I’m not riding an e-bike. I’m riding an Urtopia.”

Brand story

You are a passionate urbanite. You deserve good innovations to keep active and connect with like-minded people.

About Urtopia Company

Urtopia began in 2020 with an imaginative and prescient of manufacturing an e-bike that may take city riders into 2022 and past! The uncommon title is a mixture of ‘urban’ and ‘utopia’ and exemplifies the underlying ethos behind the model. With visionary designers like award-winning Mathis Heller on the Urtopia crew and a profitable Indiegogo crowd-funding marketing campaign, it appears to be just like the Urtopia e-bike is heading for achievement!

Urtopia Carbon E-bike Only 14kg
Urtopia Carbon E-bike Only 14kg

About the Urtopia Electric Bike

The most placing factor concerning the new Urtopia e-bike is its appearance. There’s nothing standard concerning the body design, and the Urtopia appears like a motorbike straight out of a futuristic sci-fi movie. Apart from how it seems, there’s a complete host of high-tech options that set it aside from the competitors.

The Urtopia Carbon e-bike manufactured from carbon fiber is trimmed for effectiveness. It is correspondingly lightweight and comes with a wise bar that’s distinctive in this phase. Urtopia Carbon e-bike offers WiFi in addition to a 4G module, Bluetooth, and voice management. In addition, the acceleration sensor ensures exact help.

According to the producer, the Urtopia Carbon e-bike is futuristic, sporty, and clever. It combines the essential traits of a lightweight bike designed for using consolation with state-of-the-art expertise.

For this objective, an entire carbon body with 13 kg is put in. Urtopia Carbon e-bike refers to the fork, handlebars, body, and seat tube. A versatile design is applied in the bike body that serves as an eye-catcher. Thus, the highest line with an S-shape turns into the rear wheel suspension.

Design of Urtopia Carbon e-bike

The Urtopia Carbon e-bike supplies a 250-watt electrical motor and an acceleration sensor that ensures clean energy transmission. The rider has a selection of 5 modes: Pedal, Eco, Comfort, Sport, Turbo. All wiring can also be routed contained in the tubes.

Urtopia Carbon E-bike
Urtopia Carbon E-bike Design

A 360 Wh LG lithium-ion battery offers the necessary power. Urtopia Carbon e-bike is alleged to be refueled with power in around 2.5 hours and take the consumer between 50 and 130 km, relying on the mode. In addition, the help is tailored depending available on the market. Accordingly, the e-bike helps as much as 32 km/h within the USA. In Europe, as much as 25 km/h.

The good points of the Urtopia Carbon e-bike are additionally fascinating. Each element has been thought out from the rear Radar on the seat tube, which warns of approaching objects, to the excellent bar on the handlebar. The system of the Urtopia Carbon e-bike can be managed through voice command. For this objective, two noise-cancellation microphones can be found in addition to a 3-watt speaker.

Features of Urtopia Carbon e-bike

In addition to Bluetooth and WiFi, a 4G module can also be built-in. Urtopia Carbon e-bike solely requires the usage of an eSIM card. The producer installs a dot-matrix show. Updates are supplied through OTA. The Urtopia Carbon e-bike comes with GPS and movement alarms as security programs. The bike can unlock with the fingerprint, and the battery will eliminate.

Amazing! Total Carbon Only 14kg!

Unlike most e-bikes available on the market, Urtopia is FULLY manufactured from carbon fiber. Along with cutting-edge efficiency and reasonable capabilities, Urtopia is redefining what we name an e-bike.

Urtopia Carbon E-bike Only 14kg
Urtopia Carbon E-bike Only 14kg

Smart IoT Tech

Smartbar is the brain of the e-bike

  • LED dot-matrix screen: offers a retro-style display that gives real-time cycling metrics in a
    the way that is easy to read, clear, and bright enough even under direct sunlight
  • AI voice control is based on two noise-canceling mics and one 3W speaker, and onboard AI the algorithm, which also offers customizable voice commands and horn beeps
  • Fingerprint sensor unlocks your bike easy-breezy
    GPS and eSIM offer constant connectivity (if you choose so) and tracking for advanced
    interactive and anti-theft features
  • Accelerometer & gyroscope provide tamper alerts and movement detection
    Haptic interaction with two vibrators on each side of the handlebar offers another level of
    communication with the bike
  • The Air (OTA) update ensures the bike stays up to date with the newest features and

ARES (Advanced Rear Early-indication System) enhances riding safety

  • A bright red position light
  • Millimeter-wave radar alerts the rider to incoming vehicles from behind when making
    turns on the road
  • A pair of projection lights indicates turning directions to warn of nearby vehicles

Futuristic Design

The frame design is the brainchild of Mr. Mathis Heller, a multiple award-winning and globally- renowned product designer whose works include the BMW I Series and Siemens ICE 3 high-speed train. Inspired by the Möbius strip, the design embodies Urtopia’s dedication to endless Connectivity and sustainability.

Smooth Riding

  • Customized motor & clutching: Aided by a proprietary control system with real-time input from a magneto elastic torque sensor, the 250W rear-hub motor and built-in clutch offer five speed modes, including a throttle-like (pedal activation required) Turbo mode and a near- zero-resistance Pedal mode. The overall riding experience is super smooth and highly Rewarding for a travel range of 50-130 km.
  • Gates Carbon Drive TM belt: In contrast to messy chains that require regular maintenance, carbon belt provides similarly-efficient power transmission while being virtually maintenance-free for a lifespan of up to 30,000 km.
  • Removable Samsung Li-ion battery: At 36 V 4 A fast charge, a mere 2.5 hours is all it takes to have the premium battery pack fully energized to its capacity of 360 Wh either on or away from the e-bike itself.


Features voice-activated management, GPS navigation, and wifi updates with giant dot-matrix model LCD show.

Voice management

2 x Integrated noise-canceling microphones and 3W field audio system, and speech recognition know-how. Enables voice-activated management of e-bike performance.

Urtopia Carbon E-bike voice control
Urtopia Carbon E-bike voice control

Torque Sensor

Unlike jerky and tardy energy help actuated by cadence/velocity sensing, torque sensor samples pedal virtually real-time and adjust output energy optimally to attain a highly-satisfying using expertise.

Torque Sensor of Urtopia Carbon E-bike
Torque Sensor of Urtopia Carbon E-bike

Carbon Belt

Proven to be 3-5 occasions extra sturdy than a standard chain drive, the Gates Carbon belt drive lasts as much as 30,000 km without ever coping with clunky and messy chains.

Urtopia Carbon E-bike Carbon belt
Urtopia Carbon E-bike Carbon belt


With 250 W rated energy and 35 Nm torque, Urtopia’s auto-adaptive motor expertise places out great help for both steep-slope climbing and high-speed cruising. In contrast, proprietary clutching renders it resistance-free in Pedal Mode.

Urtopia Carbon E-bike motor
Urtopia Carbon E-bike motor

GPS and wifi connectivity

You can improve the management performance of the bike by way of the Urtopia smartphone app. The GPS can inform the rider of the precise location of your Urtopia e-bike by way of Bluetooth, Wifi, and 4G connectivity.

Millimetre-wave radar

The millimeter-wave radar is a security function that may detect vehicles approaching from behind and notify the rider by a vibration warning from the handlebars. It seems like an important concept. However, I’m unsure of these practicalities in a city atmosphere as I think it will turn out to be just a little annoying. However, I can see it helpful in a countryside setting when driving down slender lanes.

Urtopia e-bike weighs in at just 13kg
Urtopia e-bike weighs in at just 13kg


A built-in Gyroscope screens the bike stability and is a function of the built-in anti-theft gadget, alerting the rider (by way of the app) if the bike is moved.

Fingerprint unlock

Biometrics is somewhat the latest addition to e-bike safety. The Urtopia uses a GPS anti-theft, and keyless unlock: You can unlock your Urtopia e-bike utilizing your fingerprint or Urtopia APP on your telephone. While locked, Urtopia e-bike activates a guarding mode to protect in opposition to theft, in addition to GPS monitoring so that you at all times know the place your bike is.

Urtopia Carbon E-bike biometric fingerprint scanner
Urtopia Carbon E-bike biometric fingerprint scanner

Removable Battery

Capacity: 360Wh
Complete cost: 2.5 hrs
Range: 80 miles (130 km) max.
Choosing solely premium supplies and top-line suppliers, the Urtopia detachable battery is constructed on Samsung Li-ion cells and secured in opposition to harsh doors environments.

Urtopia Carbon E-bike battery
Urtopia Carbon E-bike battery

With our superior energy algorithm and environment-friendly motor management, one cost helps as much as a whole week’s commute*.

Smart StVZO Headlight

Compliant with German Road Traffic Licensing Regulations, the ambient-light auto-controllable headlight can be switched on and off through your voice, a Smartbar button, or the app.

Urtopia Carbon E-bike Smart StVZO Headlight
Urtopia Carbon E-bike Smart StVZO Headlight

Advanced Rear Early-indication System (ARES)

mmWave Radar

A millimeter-wave radar alerts the rider of incoming autos from behind when making turns.

mmWave Radar

Position Light

A vivid crimson mild warns drivers and riders of the Urtopia rider up entrance.

Position Light

Projection Lights

Each is a turn indicator that casts a sign on the bottom at a click on the rider.

Projection Lights

GPS Tracking

Aided by fixed 4G connection from onboard eSIM, GPS monitoring retains you knowledgeable of the e-bike’s place, even within the worst situation of theft.

Gyroscope & Accelerometer

Once locked, the onboard alarm depends on these sensors to observe actions and warn you in opposition to unauthorized ones.

Always Connected Via App

All user actions are summarized in several complete stories. The extra you experience, the additional you contribute to a greener earth. Metrics customizable on a feature-rich dashboard throughout a high-o

Urtopia Carbon E-bike

Urtopia Carbon E-bike elements

To maintain ongoing upkeep to a minimum, the Urtopia uses a single-speed design with a Gates Carbon belt drive. This design is ideal for city biking – the Gates belt drive is quiet, has a long service life, and you have to fret about getting chain oil in your garments. The sole drawback to this association is the lack of drugs varies to climbing very steep hills.


The Urtopia’s body design is undoubtedly uncommon. However, I’ve seen similar designs up to now, and Kestral has been promoting street bikes with this design for some years. In 1999, the Kestral KM40 Airfoil was the primary molded composite body designed with 3-D stable modeling strategies.

Kestral KM40 Airfoil from 1999
Kestral KM40 Airfoil from 1999

The body comprises lightweight, lightweight-strong T700 carbon fiber, making the Urtopia one of the many lightest electrical bikes in its class and price bracket.

I can’t touch upon the Urtopia (but), however, studying anecdotal reviews on the Kestral counsel, this body design lends itself to consolation and acceleration – two traits significantly helpful for metropolis driving.

There might be two body sizes accessible 48cm or 52cm, appropriate for riders from 165cm to 200cm. I’m assuming the measurement is taken from the underside bracket to the seat put up the insert, so there must be sufficient adjustment within the center put up for taller riders. The maximum rider weight is 110kg.

Finishing Kit

All of the ending equipment (forks, seat put up, handlebar) is constituted of carbon fiber, which additional assists maintain the burden to a minimum.

Gates Carbon Belt Drive

This system is becoming more widespread in the metropolis and touring bikes due to the low ranges of upkeep, cleanliness, and quiet operation. Gate declare a belt will usually last as long as 30,000km, which is superb.

Other elements

The Urtopia uses hydraulic disc brakes though I’m unsure whether or not they’re Shimano, Tektro, or one other model. The tires are specified as puncture-resistant. However, there’s no information on the producer presently.

Who is the Urtopia geared toward?

Although the Urtopia is marketed in the direction of city riders, I can see there is some attraction for leisure riders who’re searching for a sensible, high-tech e-bike to tackle vacation or placed on the again of a camper van. Because the Urtopia is so gentle, it’s going to be rather a lot simpler mounting on a bike carrying rack compared with one thing like a 26kg Cube Kathmandu e-bike.

Colors Available


The brightest star within the evening sky, Sirius, is a binary star system comprised of two white stars orbiting one another.

Urtopia Carbon E-bike SIRIUS color
Urtopia Carbon E-bike SIRIUS color


Midnight in Paris makes an essential companion on a romantic evening out with vivid colors and clear strains.

Urtopia Carbon E-bike MIDNIGHT IN PARIS
Urtopia Carbon E-bike MIDNIGHT IN PARIS color


Tempering pressure with grace, Lyra’s simplistic silver-gray strains venture a way of fluidity and class.

Urtopia Carbon E-bike LYRA
Urtopia Carbon E-bike LYRA color

Full Specification of Urtopia Carbon E-bike

General Item Name: Urtopia Carbon e-bike
Brand: Urtopia
Model: Urtopia Carbon e-bike
Type: Ebike/Moped Bicycle
Status: Available
Features Amazing! Full Carbon Only 14kg!
Smooth Riding
Torque Sensor
Carbon Belt
Hydraulic Disc Brakes
Puncture-Resistant Tires
Customizable Horn Beeps
Smart StVZO Headlight
Advanced Rear Early-indication System (ARES)
mmWave Radar
Position Light
Projection Lights
Omni-Awareness via App
GPS Tracking
Gyroscope & Accelerometer
Always Connected Via App
Specifications Smartbar features: Voice control, fingerprint unlock, LED dot-matrix display, haptic interaction
Connectivity: eSIM with 4G, Bluetooth & WiFi
IoT sensors: Accelerometer, gyroscope, mmWave radar & torque
App: iOS & Android
Motor: Customized rear hub, 36V 250W (rated), 35 N⋅m
Speed modes: Pedal, Eco, Comfort, Sport, Turbo
Top speed (assisted): 20 mph (32 km/h), US version; 16 mph (25 km/h), DE version
Range: 30~80 miles (50~130 km)
Removable battery: 360Wh Samsung Li-ion, 2.5-hr quick charge
Weight: 30 lbs. (14 kg) minimum
Load-bearing capacity: Max. 240 lbs. (110 kg)
Sizes: Medium, Large
Body material: Carbon fiber (frame, fork, handlebar, seatpost)
Brakes: Front & rear dual-piston hydraulic disc
Transmission: Gates Carbon Drive™ CDN™ belt (up to 30,000 km)
Integrated lights: StVZO headlight; Advanced Rear Early-indication System (ARES)
Wheels: 700C (ISO 622 mm BSD), inner rim 19 mm
Tires: Kenda Kwest 700x35C (35 mm / 1.4″) (30~45 mm compatible)
Dimensions & Weight Weight: 30 lbs. (14 kg) minimum
Sizesp: Medium, Large (see Size Guide)
Package Contents 1 x Urtopia Carbon Electric Bike
2 x Key
1 x Charger
1 x Warranty card



What do I consider the brand new Urtopia e-bike? THE JURY’S OUT until I can get my palms on a pattern to assess. It appears to be very promising on paper and brings a breath of recent air to the e-bike world. The design is daring and the know-how spectacular.

With an introductory worth beginning at $1999 for the US mannequin and €1999 for the European model, it appears competitively priced (though this may occasionally rise considerably after the preliminary launch).


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