Obarter Electric Scooter | Obarter X1, X3, X5 Best Review

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Obarter X1, X3, X5 Electric Scooter Review 2022

Obarter Electric Scooter Obarter x1, Obarter x3, and Obarter x5—what do these words mean? They are the four levels of an Obarter program, which is designed to help people struggling with drug and alcohol addiction. Typically, to achieve your first Obarter x1, you’ll go through an inpatient detox program.

Obarter Electric Scooter x1 x3 x5

If you are lucky, you’ll come out of it with little to no withdrawal symptoms, and you’ll be able to start an addiction treatment program. With Obarter x3, you’ll be able to go on to a 30-day outpatient program, which will help you maintain sobriety. With Obarter x5, you’ll be able to go to a 90-day outpatient program. And thanks to technology, Obarter x5 is also available online.


OBARTER X1 perfect for use on sidewalks or cycle and pedestrian tracks, so you’ll be able to get pleasure from performing responsibilities regularly – going to retailers and working or just walking. The (Obarter Electric Scooter) Oberstar X1 electric scooter is an ideal gadget for short distances of less than 30 kilometers.

OBARTER X1 Price Comparison


Design of OBARTER X1

The (Obarter Electric Scooter) OBARTER X1 is the best commuter. City 10 “off-road tires with you. Check it out now. OBARTER X3 City and off-road. Perfect and comfortable Generalist


The (Obarter Electric Scooter) OBARTER X1 electric scooter’s carrying capacity is as high as 120 kg, which allows the rider to carry with him the necessary problems on the highway. You can also like: Mankeel MK083

OBARTER X1 design

An essential function of the (Obarter Electric Scooter) Obertor X1 electric scooter is its water resistance. With an IPX4 waterproof score, wet use is no barrier to this scooter.

The steering wheel, a compact, trendy, and most notable practical onboard PC, has been launched with a single button on the PC’s side. The onboard PC display shows speed, speed mode, and degree of expense. The button activates the backlight mode.

Feature of OBARTER X1

The (Obarter Electric Scooter) OBARTER X1 scooter has a battery (48V15Ah), making it possible to drive about 40-50 km at a single cost.

The maximum speed of the electric scooter is 50km / h. A bright LED headlight is located at the automobile entrance, purple diode reflectors are attached to the deck enclosures, and the brake softener is located again (this is when the brakes are turned on urgently).

OBARTER X1 feature

The (Obarter Electric Scooter)’s braking system has three types of brakes: a disc brake at the rear, an electric brake at the entrance recovery, and a foot brake at the rear fender. Recovery of the entrance brake helps to keep the battery power and prolongs the variation.

OBARTER X1 feature2

This combination makes the scooter experience extremely immune to highway shocks and unevenness.

The (Obarter Electric Scooter) OBARTER X1 electric scooter is built instantly on the steering wheels showing off the driving speed and battery power. The steering wheel has a mechanical sound mark. For midnight use, the scooter is provided with a backlight.

There is a headlamp at the entrance to illuminate the trail and taillights to allow drivers to see electric scooters on the highway..

Where to buy an OBARTER X1?

You can buy OBARTER X1 from online shops like Amazon, AliexpressBanggoodCafago.

OBARTER X1 Full Specifications

General Item name: OBARTER X1
Model: X1
Type: Electric Scooter
Status: Available
Specifications Mileage: 30 – 35 km / 18.64 – 21.75 mi
Max Speed: 50 km/h / 31. 07 mile/h
Brake System: Disc brake
Climbing Angle: 35°
Waterproof: IP54
Load Bearing: 100 kg / 220.5 lb
Tyre Size: 10 in
Wheel Base: 93 cm / 36.6 in
Battery Battery: 48V, 13AH
Motor Power: 800 W
Charger: DC 48 V / 2 A
Charging Time: 5 – 8 h
Other Features 10-inch Off-road Tires
20Ah Hug Capacity Battery
500W motor
The LCD display
Tackles steep 35° hills
Nice tool for urba
Dimensions & Weight Product Size: 116 * 63 * 125 cm / 45.7 * 24.8 * 49.2 in
Fold Size: 120 * 24.5 * 47 cm / 47.2 * 9.6 * 18.5 in
Product Weight: 29.28 kg / 64.6 lb
Packing Size: 120 * 27 * 50 cm / 4.2 * 0.9 * 1.6 ft
Packing Weight: 30.7 kg / 67.7 lb
Package Contents 1 * Scooter
1 * Charger
1 * Wrench
1 * Manual


The new foldable (Obarter Electric Scooter) OBARTER X3 is your sturdy electrical scooter that comes with a twin 1200W sturdy brushless motor and an excellent oil disc brake system.

BARTER has made its title out there of electric scooters with its high-quality merchandise that is loaded with extremely excessive specs.

OBARTER X3 Price Comparison


Design Of OBARTER X3

The (Obarter Electric Scooter) OBARTER X3 is the best commuter. City 10 “off-road tires with you. Check it out now. OBARTER X1 City and off-road. Perfect and comfortable Generalist


OBARTER X3 (Obarter Electric Scooter) good to be used on sidewalks or cycle and pedestrian tracks so that you’ll be capable of taking pleasure in performing duties recurrently – going to retailers and dealing or simply strolling. The Oberstar electric scooter is a perfect gadget for brief distances of lower than 30 kilometers.

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OBARTER X3 design

BARTER (Obarter Electric Scooter) X3 electric scooter comes with 11-inch clean off-road gliding wheels, which makes the electric scooter good for off-road. Additionally, the electric scooter means that you can experience it on any highway with ease.

You can take the X3 and stroll peacefully on the city roads of the town and within the rugged terrain, with ease.

Feature of OBARTER X3

BARTER X3 is available in a robust iron and aluminum alloy body which makes it allow to bear an individual weighs 220lbs or around 100kg. Additionally, you may also regulate the handlebar as per your peak to expertise a snug experience.

OBARTER X3 feature2

You can experience the electric scooter in any climate, dry and even moist, because of its IP54 waterproof functionality.

The highly effective twin 1200W brushless motor permits it to hurry as much as 70 km/h or 43.50 mile/h. Additionally, (Obarter Electric Scooter) OBARTER X3 electric scooter has an LCD that reveals the velocity, the three rushing modes, the battery time, and the using time.

OBARTER X3 feature

Furthermore, the foldable design makes it very moveable. The electric scooter is constructed to sort out a steep hill as much as 45° completely.

BARTER X3 (Obarter Electric Scooter) comes with a big capability 21AH lithium battery. The 21AH battery gives you the most journey of as much as 25 to 31 miles with ease. The electric scooter comes with a vibrant entrance and rear LED lights to allow you safely experience it within the nighttime.

Where to buy an OBARTER X3?

You can buy X3 from online shops like AmazonAliexpress, Banggood, Cafago.

OBARTER X3 Full Specifications

General Item name: OBARTER X3
Model: X3
Type: Electric Scooter
Status: Available
Specifications Material: Aluminum alloy
Meter: LCD meter.
Max Speed: 70 km/h / 43.50 mile/h
Brake System: Disc brake
Climbing Angle: 45°
Waterproof: IP54
Load Bearing: 100 kg / 220.5 lb
Tyre Size: 11 in
Wheel Base: 108 cm / 42.5 in
Battery Battery: 48V, 21 Ah
Motor Power: 2 * 1200 W
Charger: DC 48V 2A
Charging Time: 8 – 12 h
Other Features 11-inch Off-road Tires
20Ah Hug Capacity Batter
800W motor
space-saving storage
Tackles steep 45° hills
Adjust the handlebar
Dimensions & Weight Product Size: 135 * 70 * 140 cm / 53.1 * 27.6 * 55.1 in
Fold Size: 142 * 33 * 49 cm / 55.9 * 13.0 * 19.3 in
Packing Size: 148 * 35 * 51 cm / 58.3 * 13.8 * 20.1 in
Packing Weight: 46 kg / 101.4 lbs
Package Contents 1 * Scooter
1 * Charger
1 * Wrench
1 * Manual


The (Obarter Electric Scooter) OBARTER X5 is one of the most sporting electric scooters available on the market, with three dashing modes and an oil disc brake system, including a powerful 2800W twin brushless motor.

Made with an iron and aluminum physique, the X5 comes with 13 off-road tires, making it an ideal electric scooter for off-road use.

OBARTER X5 Price Comparison


Design of OBARTER X5

If you’re contemplating shopping for an extra highly effective scooter, the (Obarter Electric Scooter) Obarter X5 is best for you. The scooter hides a strong 2800 W motor in each wheel, which collectively provides us as much as 5600 W. With such efficiency, you’ll be able to embark on any challenging route with peace of thought.

The scooter has three velocity ranges, whereas the final one can drive the velocity as much as 85 km/h. At such a velocity, we strongly advocate sporting protectors, a helmet, and being very cautious.


The 13 ″ offroad tires in the (Obarter Electric Scooter) OBARTER X5 electric scooter are shock-absorbing, safe, and suitable for off-road efficiency. Additionally, they are equally ideal in city settings.

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The (Obarter Electric Scooter) X5 electric scooter is designed as your great sports activity electric scooter. Besides, the scooter can only operate at 55 degrees.

The highly efficient 2800W brushless motor on the X5 presents you with three dashing speeds and a maximum of 85KM / h.

Feature of OBARTER X5

The producer determined to suit the (Obarter Electric Scooter) Obarter X5 scooter with giant 13″ tires that enhance the entrance and rear suspension and a double-disc brake to make the journey secure and cozy. In phrases of design, we now have nothing to complain about regarding the producer.

Besides, the  (Obarter Electric Scooter) OBARTER X5 electric scooter supports a maximum load of 120 kg. The electric scooter brings a show with deals, which showcase speed, dashing, and battery life.

OBARTER X5 design1

The huge capacity 60V 30Ah battery in OBARTER electric scooter presents you a variety of 65km to 75km. The electric scooter is IP54 waterproof which allows it to operate easily in humid conditions with humidity.

Also appropriate for longer journeys

The (Obarter Electric Scooter) Obarter X5 mannequin is powered by a battery of 30 Ah (60 V). Depending on the driving model, you can change one cost 65-75 km. It takes about 11 hours to cost the scooter. We may also reward the metal-aluminum building with certification IP54.

OBARTER X5 feature

Thanks to those supplies, the scooter weighs more than 56 kilograms, which is certainly not appropriate for regularly carrying. The dimensions of the disassembled scooter are 1340 x 700 x 1430 mm, within the folded state 1520 x 370 x 570 mm. In the bundle, you’ll discover the scooter itself, the charging adapter, and the set of instruments.

The Oberoi has a wide variety of high-quality, sturdy, and great electric scooters, a good addition to the X5’s catalog. For extra ideas, not solely on electric scooters, recurrently observe our expertise portal China Planet. If you do not need to miss any sizzling information, Like our Facebook web page and, in addition, subscribe to notifications.

Where to buy an OBARTER X5?

You can buy (Obarter Electric Scooter) X5 from online shops like Amazon, Aliexpress, Banggood, Cafago.

OBARTER X5 Full Specifications

General Item name: OBARTER X5
Model: X5
Type: Electric Scooter
Status: Available
Specifications Max Speed(km/h): 85
Speed Mode: 1. 35KM/H; 2. 65KM/H
Max Range(KM): up to 120km
Working Temperature: -20-100°C
Max Slope: 55°C
Cruise Control Function(CCS): Yes
Brake Type: Disk Brake
Waterproof: IP54
Material: Iron + Aluminum
Unfolded Size (mm): 1340*700*1430
Folded Size(mm): 1520*370*57
Max Load(KG): 20-160KG
Motor Rate Voltage(V): 48V
Motor Rate Power(W): 800W
Motor Rate Current(A): 13A
Battery Battery Capacity(Ah): 20Ah
Battery Rate Voltage(V): 48
Other Features 13-inch Off-road Tires
60V 30Ah Hug Capacity Battery
2800W x2 motor
Max speed up to 85km/h
Max 120km running distance
Dimensions & Weight Weight(KG): 56.2kg
Gross Weight(KG): 62.5kg
Package Size(mm): 1510*380*620
Package Contents 1 x Scooter
1 x Charger
1 x Tool bag


In conclusion, these are exciting times to be a scooter rider. With the increased popularity of scooters also brings a lot of innovation, which is exciting for us: the riders. Whether it is faster, greener, or just more fun, we are all patiently waiting to see what the future brings. the (Obarter Electric Scooter) Obarter X series is one of the most competitive and diverse lineups in the electric scooter industry. If you’re in the market for a new scooter, the Obarter X5 is the way to go.


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